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Grow your business without sacrificing your life!

You run a successful business, but you know that without you in the center it couldn't function. You know you should set up systems, but you just don't have the time!  

Ready to scale without the growing pains?

GliderPath Business Manager is the only tool for small business owners that allows you to truly scale and grow your business while reducing its reliance on you!

Reduce overwhelm and take a breather

You run a successful business and are completely overwhelmed by it. You are the glue that holds everything together, working 60-70 hours a week and afraid to go on holidays. You are disorganised, forgetful and cranky, not paying as much attention to clients as you should, and making tons of mistakes. Sounds familiar?  

Then GliderPath Business Manager is the right tool for you. It will help you systematize your business, set up processes for automation, delegate strategically to your teams and stay on top of your schedule. The best part? Your business will keep humming without grinding you down and you will be able to take that much needed time out.

Keep your employees happy and productive

Everyone just want to do things their own way resulting in quality gaps and a lot of frustration. It is really hard to get everyone on the same page, and especially difficult if they are working remotely. Hiring someone new won't solve the problem if you end up with a mediocre performer.  

GliderPath Business Manager can streamline communication in your business, helping your team collaborate efficiently and preventing the time-wasting pains associated with broken communication. Not only that, you will be able to keep an eye on your team productivity as well as shorten the onboarding and training time of your new hires!  

Find new clients and retain profitable ones

You want to grow your business to the next level, but you are afraid that if you get that big client you are after, you won't be able to serve them properly. Or maybe you have that big client already, and that's the problem, since your business depends too much on that single source of income.  

GliderPath Business Manager can help you identify what your clients want most, and which ones are the most profitable ones so that you can focus your energies on attracting new clients from your most profitable segment, paying close attention to what your clients actually want and providing products or services sharply tailored to suit.  

GliderPath Business Manager

Unify communications, sync and manage processes, boost productivity and keep a finger on the pulse of your business while sipping margaritas on the beach...